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Rhymney W.


I started seeing Dr. Wang for carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m a skeptical person, but the improvement in my carpal tunnel symptoms made me a true believer in acupuncture. I’ve now been seeing Dr. Wang on a weekly basis for over half a year and have no intention of stopping. After experiencing how well acupuncture treated my carpal tunnel, I now mention any new aches/problems to Dr. Wang, and have been impressed by how many improve after just a few sessions. Foot pain, jaw pain, pain in my joints from lupus, and various other maladies have all been helped by my acupuncture sessions. Even my frequent bouts of pleurisy pain have been helped by cupping and acupuncture treatments. Dr. Wang is very honest about what acupuncture can and cannot help. It’s also nice how much she cares about her patients, and has frequently worked me in for a session when I’m experiencing increased pain due to lupus flares. I highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone considering acupuncture!

Aeone W. 


I was lucky enough to work with Rou Wang for about 8 months at Dongguk University Los Angeles.   I had been going to the University for treatment for a couple of months but, it wasn't until I met Rou that the course of my healing shifted. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, intelligent and thoroughly educated in all aspects of acupuncture and Chinese herbs/medicine, Rou is highly adept and intuitive with the 'needling' and course of treatment - making her an excellent and special practitioner.

Because of the nature of what was going on with me, I needed to go twice a week for treatments - Rou was always compassionate and sympathetic and came to our sessions with an uplifted frame of mind such, that I was able to feel full of hope that I would be well and we were in this together for the long haul!  Over the time that we worked together, I saw steady improvement in my condition through her wise and understanding counsel and healing course of treatment.

I could not recommend Rou more highly on every level and know she has a wonderful career ahead of her as a practitioner.

Alisia S. 


I had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Wang for close to a year. Dr. Wang is wonderful and helped me improve my overall health and prepare my body for ACL surgery after an accident. I completely tore my ACL and the first thing I thought of was to see Dr. Wang. Since my ACL was completely torn I had to have surgery. Acupuncture helped me reduce the swelling to get ready for surgery and also helped me in recovery afterwards. My surgeon couldn’t believe that within 2 weeks of my injury the swelling was completely gone. He told me that he has never had a patient be able to go into surgery so fast. After the surgery I also continued with treatment and had great results. Dr. Wang is a caring, talented and an honest practitioner who wants total health for her patients. I would highly recommend being treated by Dr. Wang. I had wonderful results under her care.

Diane H. 


Dr. Wang treated me successfully for a variety of stress-related problems, most notably interstitial cystitis and elevated blood pressure. (Interstitial cystitis can be notoriously difficult to control--acupuncture has been the best treatment I've found.) Dr. Wang was compassionate, personable, and skilled. I found working with Dr. Wang to be a positive experience in all regards, and with the added benefit that I began sleeping better, too.

Amy K. 


Dr. Wang is amazing. She really knows her practice well and has provided great results for me. Her office is calm and soothing, and I always feel at peace when I leave. I recommend her to everyone that I talk to about acupuncture.

Franky H. 


I could not be more grateful for Dr. Wang and her helping treat my cat allergies during the summer. At the beginning of the lock down, I decided to become a 1st time pet owner of 2 kittens... only to realize soon after that I had very severe allergies: coughing, sneezing, wheezing, eye irritation and runny nose. I tried your standard pet allergy management practices: Zyrtec every morning, groomed kittens daily, vacuumed daily, designated the bedroom as a kitten free zone. Not sustainable. I'd feel half decent in the morning; by evening when the medicine wore off it was soon another humiliating defeat for my immune system. If it wasn't for Dr. Wang, I truly don't know what I would have done. It took only 1 or 2 treatments before becoming apparent my condition was significantly improving - I was still taking medicine at the time however, less frequently and the symptoms were not as severe in the evenings. After between 10-12 treatments, it was no symptoms without any medication. Disclaimer - obviously when it comes to all things medical, the same treatment can differ in results from one individual to another, i.e., the initial consultation is important. When it comes to the appointment and service itself: impeccable. You're invited to your room upon walking through the door and my sessions consistently took no longer than hour. Dr. Wang is as cheerful and friendly as she is effective. Everything is tidy and sanitized. The cost of treatment once a week personally feels fair ($75), considering the value of my treatment's long-lasting effect.

Paula T. 

2019 & 2014

I received treatment from Dr. Wang back in 2014 and now as well. She is wonderful! Her clinic is peaceful and the acupuncture is incredibly relaxing and helpful. Would highly highly recommend.

Bridget D. 


Dr. Wang has been an amazing blessing in my life. Her knowledge, experience, and caring attitude make her a stellar practitioner. She has helped both my mother & me with chronic pain issues, and we are so grateful to have found her. I recommend her to anyone struggling with pain of any kind.

Lilly L. 


I have been suffering with irregular menstrual cycles and all kinds of pain because of my past injuries. Dr.Wang has helped me so much, I have been feel so good since I have been seeing Dr. Wang. She is very kind and listens to my problem. If you are considering acupuncture, I would recommend her 100%!

Sophia T. 


Dr. Wang has helped my husband's health so much, I started to recommend all my family and friends to see her now.

Lori L. 


Dr. Wang is my "go to" for health and wellness. Through acupuncture and cupping and her personal and professional care and concern she addresses my total body issues and has me back on my feet ready to face another day!

C. J. 


I've been going to Dr. Wang for more than a year for multiple injuries.  She is knowledgeable, patient, kind & has taken the time to help me understand the injuries as well as the complexities of the healing process. On a few occasions I have even seen results in less than 1/2 hour on a specific was amazing. The office has also been flexible when I have had to reschedule appointments. I've also referred a few people to her who are also very happy with the service they have received.  I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Wang & her staff. Dr. Wang has helped me immensely through what has been a VERY tough situation. I HIGHLY recommend her without reservation.

Quiera M. 


Dr. Wang, is amazing -- I started seeing Dr. Wang at the beginning of January 2016, I was plagued with acne and I have very irregular periods which hinder our chances of getting pregnant like "normal" couples - all due to my PCOS condition.

I first heard about fertility acupuncture during my first couple of meetings at Michigan Reproductive Medicine center with Dr. Mersol-Berg. My fiance' and I were prepared for a long arduous journey ahead and we were willing to look at both western and eastern medicines for advice. I found Dr. Wang here on Yelp and after much research I made an appointment -- once I met her I felt instantly comfortable - she was so professional and warm plus she was so familiar and knowledgable around PCOS as an added bonus her speciality was fertility - I was sold. The multiple baby pictures and sweet thank you notes posted in the lobby from other successful patients also added to my confidence in Dr. Wang.

After, that first appointment meeting I committed to Dr. Wang's treatment program of 3x a week of acupuncture. Whatever she suggested I did with vigor (it was not a lot a few Chinese vitamins and some advice to drink warm water and avoid sugary foods). We made the financial commitment and we were hopeful that the eastern treatment along with the western fertility medicines would lead to our success.

But, something else amazing happened along the way. We were preparing to start fertility meds for IVF. However, my usual stubborn period was MIA (missing in action) -- I voiced my concerns to Dr. Wang and she suggested to either take pregnancy test at home or go see the Doctor. I had to much disappointment around at home tests so I made an appointment for an ultrasound at the MRM center. Typically, I was informed that PCOS patients had this problem a lot and once they took a look and did some baseline blood test I would likely just start the meds without having my period.

However, during this ultrasound the nurse looked quite surprised and said "well, I don't want you to get your hopes up ok --- but you have all signs of being pregnant." I am trained lawyer so I did not get excited -- I was actually looking for it to be a false positive. The nurse then said we are going to take some blood and if certain hormones are present we will also test your blood pregnancy. This was a 9am appointment - I left the office in a foggy cloud -- keeping the news to myself. Finally, at 2ish I got a call from MRM and they confirmed that I was pregnant. I was then in total shock -- because according to all my medical records I could only get pregnant with the help of IVF. So this new miracle was all due to Dr. Wang's acupuncture treatments - I had no other fertility meds in my body -- they are still sitting unopened in my refrigerator.

So I cannot thank Dr. Wang enough for all her positivity and treatments. I humbly thank her -- I still continue to see Dr. Wang 3x times a week, as our journey is still continuing. I am so thankful to have a wonderful fiance', and a fantastic Dr. Wang as my teammates and support system. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang if you suffer from infertility, pain, or acne. My acne break outs have stopped and my skin has never been clearer. Good luck in your journey.

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