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Rib Pain

Acupunture For Costochondritis /Chest Wall Pain/Rib Pain/Rib Neuritis

Costochondritis is sometimes known as chest wall pain, costosternal syndrome or chondrodynia. Sometimes, swelling accompanies the pain.

Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum). Pain caused by costochondritis might mimic that of a heart attack or other heart conditions.

How does acupuncture work for Condition?

Acupuncture needles cause an increase in local blood flow and along with it, an increase in nutrients and immune cells. These are the ingredients for healing. There is also evidence that acupuncture tends to have a balancing effect on brain chemistry, hormone levels, and immune cell function. Because the brain controls everything in the body, a balanced brain should allow for more effective healing, speeding the reduction or get rid of pain and swelling. Acupuncture simultaneously treats the underlying disease.

Course of treatment

There are 10-15 acupuncture sessions in one course of treatment. Treatment frequency depends on individual condition. Chinese herbs work synergistically with acupuncture.

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