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Dry Eye & Dry Mouth

Acupuncture for Dry Eye & Dry Mouth (Sjogren's Syndrome)/Xerophthalmia

Sjogren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease in which immune cells attack and destroy the exocrine glands (parotid ─ salivary glands and lacrimal ─ tear glands) that produce tears and saliva. Thus leads into dry eye and dry mouth.

Acupuncture is useful for Sjogren's syndrome of primary (exist as a disorder in its own right) and secondary (may develop from associated rheumatic disorder). Acupuncture is useful not only caused by radiation (treatment for cancer patient), but also any other pathological circumstances. Studies demonstrated that acupuncture significantly relieved dry eyes and dry mouth.

How does acupuncture work for Dry Eye & Dry Mouth (Sjogren's Syndrome)/Xerophthalmia?

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for Lacrimation(tear), salivation, digestion etc.

Acupuncture may stimulate parasympathetic nervous system to produce more lacrimation (tear) and saliva to increase moisture in eyes and mouth.

Course of treatment

There are 10-15 acupuncture sessions in one course of treatment. Treatment frequency depends on individual condition. Chinese herbs work synergistically with acupuncture.

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