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Acupuncture for Asthma

Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Center has developed a special acupuncture technique that helps patients with Asthma successfully.

Acupuncture is very safe and effective in relieving the symptoms of Asthma. It aims to treat the root cause of the asthma rather than just the symptoms.

How does acupuncture work for Asthma?

Acupuncture can alleviate the acute onset of an Asthmatic attack. Acupuncture adjusts parasympathetic nerve system, relaxes contraction of smooth muscle, congestion and edema of the bronchial mucosa. It also reduces the inflammatory secretion, improves and prevents the narrowing of small bronchioles. Ultimately, it eases the work of breathing. It also aids to balance the immune system and prevents recurrence. Individualized treatment plan is applied to different forms of Asthma. Researches have shown that acupuncture strengthens health so that allergic response is minimized.

Course of treatment

There are 10-15 acupuncture sessions in one course of treatment. Treatment frequency depends on individual condition. Chinese herbs work synergistically with acupuncture.

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